Good Afternoon 4her ND Warriors, Survivors, and Allies.

We would Definitely like to start by saying God Bless you all. Thank you to everyone that has been sharing our page, and if you haven’t shared yet Share, Share, Share! Its close to the holidays, even if you can’t donate, and it is on your heart to do something ,become part of this Awesome Movement and Organization in our Fight against Human/Sex Trafficking and Child exploitation share this page with everyone ! We need to raise awareness! It is our Duty to be the voices of those that can not speak.

Now for the announcements:

4her Nd is in need of Administrative help!!!
Here’s your chance for those that have been waiting to get involved!

We have a Volunteer position working solely on Federal Non Profit Status and Grant finding/writing available. If interested or for more details Please contact through pm, or directly on Windie’s cell.

4her ND is also in need of a Graphic Designer and someone that would love to take on the task of contacting the Oil companies to set up and schedule trainings a completely necessary element in this fight, as well as reach out to the big companies for financial support. Again if interested contact through pm, or on Windie’s cell.

In Closing We would again like to Thank Each and Everyone of you 4her ND Warriors, Survivors, and Allies in this battle with us. 4her ND Wishes you the warmest ,joyful, and blessed Holiday Time possible with your Families. Realistically we will never be able to completely stop human/sex trafficking, and child exploitation.. But join us, and fight with us to put a major hurting in it… Weither it’s by Donating, Volunteering, Sharing our page, or the greatest of all Praying for Our Girls, The Organizations and Our Partners across the USA dedicating their lives to Bringing Our Women and Children Home.

Remember it is the Holidays so if you can’t do anything else please keep our girls in your prayers as many of them will not experience the joys of family during this holiday season.
Again Thank you and God Bless you!

Merry Christmas and Warm Wishes Always,
The 4her ND Family!