Windie Lazenko is the Executive Director and founder of 4her. She is a Victim Advocate, a Licensed Chaplain and as well as a muti-faceted trainer. Located primarily the BAKKEN Oil Field region, 4her is pioneering the fight to end sexual exploitation and trafficking induced by the unique dynamics of the “BOOM”. Our work is dedicated to raising awareness about, and offering support to, individuals who have been victims of sex exploitation trafficking, and the communities that love & support them.

4her passionately works to assist Law Enforcement and the local community in addressing the critical need for awareness, training, and services. Windie has provided support and services to a number of young girls and women, several of whom have made the brave decision to exit the life of trafficking, prostitution, stripping. 4her has assisted the States Attorney’s in the prosecution of a brutal trafficker who is now facing up to 20 years in prison for victimizing the girls he lured into his human trafficking operation.

Windie is an honored member of the National Survivor Network and recent recipient of The Presidental Lifetime Acheivement Award for her dedication to outreach and serving communities. She is considered an expert on Commercial Sexual Exploitation and her experience of being a young runaway and trafficked at the vulnerable age of 13 provides insight into the dark reality of the sex industry here in the United States.

With over 10 years of practical experience working with victims, Windie has used her own story of healing and recovery to empower the young women she serves. She is a multi-faceted trainer, speaker, and gifted at working directly with victims and survivors of Sex Trafficking here in the U.S. Her personal experiences and success in the field provides hope, empowerment and restoration to all the young girls and women she works with. She is a licensed Chaplain and ministers to women in the criminal justice system and those coming out of the life of forced prostitution and trafficking.

She finds joy through entertaining in her home, cooking and is the mother of 5 and very proud grandma of four little boys soon to be 6!

Windie’s Story

Growing up in a low income, single parent family and suffering sexual abuse as a child Windie was vulnerable to the streets and ultimately became a young runaway. Through the “help” of a “friend” she was purchased for sex. For the next 16 years, she was a victim of the shameful, painful life of trafficking & sexual exploitation.

Years later, Windie volunteered to lead a mentoring group for at risk girls in her community. While sharing her own survival story of childhood sexual exploitation, Windie discovered that what she had experienced at the age of 13 was called “Sex Trafficking.” Windie found that many girls needed help processing and healing from similar experiences.

Windie believes that if someone had identified the signs, known the symptoms and stepped in to offer help, she would have had a much better chance at a younger age to overcome the trauma and pain associates with sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Seeing the need for resources and awareness Windie’s heart-filled work as a victim advocate began.

Windie spent endless hours in trainings, on outreach, volunteering, growing, learning and healing in order to step out and be the voice of those who have no voice. Now considered a expert in the movement to fight sex trafficking and exploitation she uses her voice to speak boldly about the myths and facts of CSEC and DMST.

What The Experts Have To Say About Windie and Her Work:

Windie is an amazing woman of God. When we think about future leaders that are rising up with calling, passion and purpose, Windie is the one who comes to mind. Her heart to help young woman supersedes cultural norms and allows her boldness to go out on a limb. Her bravery and transparency is refreshing in a movement where both are so valuable and desperately needed. I would highly recommend her to be a part of any organization in any capacity.

Rebecca Bender - Author Roadmap to Redemption.

Supporting Young Survivors Is My Passion. As a survivor myself, Windie has been exactly what I’ve needed. God brought her into my life at the perfect time. She has truly helped me more then anyone else. She gives me hope, encouragement, love, wisdom and the TRUTH when I need it most.Knowing that she knows exactly why I feel how I do about certain things helps so much. Having someone to talk to that’s been where you’ve been helps to reassure that I’m not a crazy, overly paranoid lady who worries about EVERYTHING! LOL She is not only a mentor and friend but she is an inspiration to show that WE as SURVIVORS/OVERCOMERS can take something that was literally meant to destroy us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually that we can turn it into something to help save others and still have such AMAZING LIVES!!
M. M. Age 27