Host a Garden Party

A garden party you organize could be one of your summer highlights. My OH loves hosting parties and we have adapted our routine over the years. Our first year-end garden party was a success. It was a far cry from the stress and fatigue we felt at previous parties. Here are some tips to help you stay on top of the things.

Add the expected number of attendees to the equation and then add an extra person for last-minute gate crashers.It’s embarrassing to have Host a garden party guests arrive empty-handed. You’re hosting a party, so be sure to have plenty.

Choose food and drink
Vegetarians should be catered for, and alcohol-users should be accommodated.Before you go to the store, make a list. The number of times I had rushed back to get small things was what really stressed me. After returning for olive oil, I made a quick trip back to Sainsbury to pick up salt.

Use plastic plates, cutlery, and bin bags
If you’re trying to be green and mindful of the environment, this is not the best option.This is the fastest way to clean up and a cost-effective option for providing enough cockery for your guests.

Prepare the venue
You can give your outdoor furniture a makeover by rearranging the seating arrangements.

Clean the grill. A greasy grill can be a major problem.

Your hallway should be cleared as guests will likely make a run for it. If your garden has its own side gate, this shouldn’t be an issue. You should also be near the kitchen to avoid having to navigate through guests while trying not to annoy them.

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